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Made in Roath – Made in Spring

Happy Summertime! Due to life craziness (I won’t even get into it!) I haven’t been able to post about anything at all, but I’m back!
Back in May I attended a mini street festival that was part of the Made in Roath events happening in Cardiff this year. There was a music stage that featured musicians as well as DJs, loads of cool arty/crafty things to see and do and quite a bit of yummy food.

I’d have to say that if I had to pick a favourite from everything on offer it would be very difficult. I really loved taking part in something that was called Bike Art. There was an old drum attached to a bike, when the bike was used it would cause the drum to spin. I got to pick colours, drop them on a piece of paper that was inside the drum and then watch my paint become art. It was super cool!


It now hangs proudly on my wall.

There was free personalised poetry, art projects for kids and a great atmosphere. I will be attending future events and will hopefully be taking part in some capacity. I would highly recommend checking out some of the events if you’re in the area. I was very impressed!


Preston, Ontario – crafty supplies and things

I’ve dropped off the face of the earth a bit! Our move to Wales went well but it’s taking forever to get the internet in our house. A week after we moved to flew to Canada. I’ll be here about a month.

I’m staying with my parents in Preston which is part of Cambridge. I’ve visited a few crafty stores…from a quick google search there seem to be more but I haven’t seen them, and that isn’t exactly a good thing. Then again maybe I don’t know where to look! 🙂

I’m not at all into doll houses, but I can appreciate how much work goes into decorating(?) them. I’d have to say that if you’re in Preston and need some stuff for your doll house check out Out of the Ordinary on King St. E. This place was well stocked and seemed to have everything. The web shop seems to have loads as well.

I also visited Stitcher’s Place. Now I feel I was a led up the wrong path here. I was looking for wool and the picture on the website (above) says “knitting” so I assumed I’d find wool. Unfortunately for me the sign no longer says knitting and they don’t have any knitting supplies, but they have stitching supplies galore! I’ve never seen so much cross stitch stuff in one place.

I also visited an art gallery that sold some painting supplies. I believe it was called Studio 1291, but I could be wrong. They had some canvases, paints and brushes but mostly sold art.

I wound up buying some things at Michael’s. Most people from North America will know about Michael’s. They seem to have everything under one gigantic overwhelming roof. It felt pricey, even with the exchange rate, but I managed to pick up a few cool bits & bobs on sale. I do prefer independent shops.

I’ll be keeping my eye open for other places in the area because I’m certain I missed some places. If anyone knows of any please let me know.

In other news I made a super cute wooly hat for my mom and will soon be starting a matching scarf. The wool is fab, so I’ll post it soon. 🙂

Orkney Craft Trail

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit Orkney (a group of islands north of mainland Scotland) I would highly recommend it. Not only are there great views and world class historical sites there are an abundance of crafters. There seem to be a crazy amount of talented people living in such a small place.

Orkney has it’s own Craft Trail which you can follow to visit the workshops of some the Orkney Crafts Association members and see them in action. Last year I was lucky enough to visit a lot of the stops on the trail. My parents were visiting and Phil was off work so the four of us spent a good part of my birthday checking things out.

For the most part it was easy enough to find each location though some were a bit tricky, oh and make sure the places you really want to visit will be open the day you plan to head out. In some cases you need to call ahead.

We saw some amazing tapestries at the Hoxa Gallery, I would recommend going there even if you don’t do the whole trail. There is a nice café nearby as well as some really nice walks. There is also oodles of amazing jewellery! We were able to see potters at work (amazing stuff as well!) as well as jewellers working away at their benches. We also learned quite a bit about wool and how it is dyed.


There is also the opportunity to purchase directly from the artisans at each stop. If you aren’t able to do the Craft Trail but are in Orkney on holiday there is a pop-up shop throughout the summer and over the Christmas season. Many shops up here (and elsewhere in the UK) stock their items.

You can download the newest Craft Trail guide below.

Again I would highly recommend visiting Orkney, and if you do follow those brown Craft Trail signs!