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Who loves Lego? I love Lego!

Awhile back I heard about this really cool fundraiser Durham Cathedral was doing for their Open Treasure exhibit. They decided to replicate the Cathedral in Lego and charged £1 per brick to help build it.

I really needed to see this and was lucky enough to get there to help build it, and see it again after it was completed.


My bricks!

The finished creation used roughly 300,000 pieces of Lego, stands 5ft 6in (1.7m) high, is 12ft 6in (3.84m) long and 5ft (1.53m) wide. The photos below are from during the build.




The finished product was really cool. There were windows that opened up so you could see everything inside, all the details were amazing. Below are some photos from when it was completed.



My photos truly don’t do it justice. It was quite hard to take decent pictures because both times I went (especially the second time!) it was very busy. I would recommend checking out the Durham Cathedral Lego Build site for a 360 degree tour as well as their cool photos.

I loved this! I would highly recommend you check it out! It’s free to get in to the Cathedral, so if you’re into this kind of thing and in the Durham area it’s worth a visit.

The food in their restaurant is nice too 🙂


Made in Roath – Made in Spring

Happy Summertime! Due to life craziness (I won’t even get into it!) I haven’t been able to post about anything at all, but I’m back!
Back in May I attended a mini street festival that was part of the Made in Roath events happening in Cardiff this year. There was a music stage that featured musicians as well as DJs, loads of cool arty/crafty things to see and do and quite a bit of yummy food.

I’d have to say that if I had to pick a favourite from everything on offer it would be very difficult. I really loved taking part in something that was called Bike Art. There was an old drum attached to a bike, when the bike was used it would cause the drum to spin. I got to pick colours, drop them on a piece of paper that was inside the drum and then watch my paint become art. It was super cool!


It now hangs proudly on my wall.

There was free personalised poetry, art projects for kids and a great atmosphere. I will be attending future events and will hopefully be taking part in some capacity. I would highly recommend checking out some of the events if you’re in the area. I was very impressed!